Introduction to our new service for Banks, the Rating Advisory Service
A pictoral representation of the procedure used in our Rating Advisory Service

Dissatisfaction with a Current Rating Proposal

Banks are sometimes dissatisfied with the rating process of an agency for one or more of the following reasons:

  • During their on-site meetings, the rating analysts over-emphasised negative developments or did not adequately recognise progress in strategies, resources or operations.

  • A rating agency proposes a rating that is too low:

    • A first rating may be too harsh according to the agency's own rating definitions.

    • Perhaps the bank is assigned a rating that is lower than those of comparable banks in its peer group.

    • Sometimes an agency wants to downgrade a rating when there has been no perceivable deterioration in bank performance or business environment.

The major rating agencies provide for an appeal process that allows for banks to make direct presentations to the rating committee. Where appropriate, we can assist by preparing an alternative analysis based on developments at the bank and comparisons with other banks in its peer group. Assistance can also be provided with the actual appeal presentation.

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